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Welcome to the Sri Lankan Village Directory!

We invite all the Sri Lankans to take part in building the the Sri Lanka's village directory. Although this is mainly for listing the villages of Sri Lanka, you can also include famous places of sri Lanka, famous people, Organizations of Sri Lanka, historical places and etc. Take hand with us in this special mission to build the Sri Lenka's village directory.

How to get started?

It is very simple to add your village to the directory.

Step 01 - Create your account in our Directory by filling up the simple form.

Step 02 - Add your village details.

Step 03 - Publish your village in directory.

You also have the ability to edit and add more details to any existing village within the directory.

What are the benefits you will get by adding your village to our directory?

Other than listing your village details or other information for the web surfers of all the world, you will get the chance to include your web site info, Facebook page info or blog info with in the listing. That way you will get strong back links form directory.

Sanmark Team.

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